Structure vs. Spontaneity

Some people are born number-crunchers who feel that training time is wasted without a specific mission involving beats per minute, watts, gradients, minutes, and seconds; others just like to pedal and take in the countryside. Most of us lie in the middle.  

A coach should understand your preference for structure vs. spontaneity, and accomodate its fluctuation over time.  By accounting for a client's goals and ambitions, outside obligations, and personal style, I work to find an individual's optimum balance of regimen and freedom.




I offer a coaching relationship.  Between planning, monitoring, talking, and emailing I spend two to three hours per week attending to the needs of each client.  Tracking the number of minutes we speak on the phone or counting the number of emails you've sent this month is not conducive to our relationship or to your cycling. 

Many clients like to schedule a standard phone conference early in the training week, followed by shorter emails discussing triumphs and setbacks.  Some prefer email almost exclusively.  They all know that they can contact me any day of the week, 8am to 8pm, to go over what's on their minds.  Every client receives a weekly plan composed to work toward individual goals within an individual's scheduling constraints, and can consult with me for any adjustment that life requires.

But training paints only half the picture.  Most atheletes need some combination of mentor, motivator, advocate,  taskmaster, and sport psychologist.  A coaching relationship encompasses all of these roles.  I set a tactical game plan for every event based on strengths, weaknesses, and preferences.  And I guide a careful post-race analysis to pinpoint the critical moments of a race or ride and assess those moments from physiological and psychological standpoints.  By looking backward and looking forward in a guided way, I teach cyclists when and how to implement their strengths on race days.


The monthly fee is $225.  Two spots remain available for 2014.  Students with financial need are encouraged to apply for scholarships.